"Thank you for the excellent work you did on my lower back and for teaching me as you worked on          me.  The information you passed on was just as vital as the great work you did with your hands.              I have had many massages and you were the only therapist that educated me in my care.                          I wish you all the best in your healing career."

  -Finance Manager, 56, female

"I switched from my previous massage center to Phil's because of his attention to detail, willingness   to personalize the massage for what I needed, and his passion for his patients' well-being.                           He often investigates new techniques and searches for remedies well beyond the hour I spend in his      office.                                                                                                                                                                                                  In our sessions I always go from a ball of tension to feeling like I am floating as his massage relieves        a great deal of tension and achiness."

  -High School Teacher, 32, female

"I received my first massage with Phil few months ago. He offers a massage space with a safe and               comfortable atmosphere and most importantly, a very professional massage technique. Phil exceeded   my expectations by far. My neck and shoulders were so tight that working on my computer was                 becoming very painful. By taking the time to ask and listen about my particular concerns, Phil gave me   a serious muscle massage truly tailored to my own needs. Phil, what a difference your massage made.   You are a keeper!"

  -Director of Biological Research, 57, female

"I have received several massages from Phil. His enviornment and touch are both soothing. I will                 continue to patronize him when I am in his area."

  -Medical Assistant, 46, female

"You're an amazing therapist & others need to know."

 -Hotel Office Worker, 57, female. 

"I work as a dental hygienist and was having tension and pain between my shoulder blades. After my       massage with Phil, I was able to work comfortably and experienced relief from the chronic pain I was     suffering from. He was very professional and took time to educate along the way.                                             Highly recommended."

  -Dental Hygienist, 50, female

"Phil De Ricco gives a great massage. He listens carefully to your needs, addresses them skillfully and  checks in frequently to ensure comfort. Phil's manner is sensitive and empathic. He employs various  techniques to maximize client benefit while paying close attention to both draping and verbal cues.  The result is a super relaxing and very effective massage. Lynn Castelli, LMT

 -Licensed Massage Therapist, 63, female.