Your First Appointment

I will welcome you into my office. The space will be warm, with relaxing music, and a pleasant scent in the air. You will complete a brief intake form and we will discuss your responses, as well as anything in particular you were hoping to achieve during your massage. I may do a basic orthopedic assessment. I will review aspects of the massage session and obtain your consent to proceed.

During the intake process I listen closely in order to assure I understand your goals and concerns so that I am able to customize the session and meet your needs and expectations. I also add what I think is appropriate as we work together.

After the intake I will leave the room so that you can get ready for the session.

A common question people ask: Do I have to get completely undressed? Absolutely not! You can wear your winter coat if you wanted.  I do sporting events in subfreezing weather and people are fully clothed. That said, it is a much different type of massage.

You will have complete privacy to disrobe, get on the massage table, and drape yourself. Remember, it is always all about you.  It is always your decision to disrobe in a manner that aligns with your comfort level, or not undress at all.  While skin to skin contact is best for most work, it is most important for you to be relaxed so your massage can be enjoyable and productive.  If there is any hesitation,  I suggest you keep your underwear on and see how I work with you.

I treat my clients with kindness, respect, and dignity by maintaining clear professional boundaries and using crisp and appropriate draping to create a safe and relaxing experience for you. Genitals, breasts, and the gluteal cleft are never exposed. Only the area of your body that I am working on will be undraped, while the remainder of your body will remain covered.

The most important thing is that you relax and.....enjoy your massage!